Nudging A Group’s Culture: Part 2

Last week we began by recognizing that the culture of a student ministry can determine its future trajectory, the group's influence on the community, and gives people a taste of Jesus. Also, we discussed the importance of creating a Ministry Culture document and how it will help you learn about your group's current dynamics. (Click … Continue reading Nudging A Group’s Culture: Part 2

Nudging A Group’s Culture

Beyond the work of God through His grace, the culture of a youth group may be one of the most crucial factors in determining a group's trajectory and impact. An exclusive culture will quickly hinder your ability to be God's prevenient grace to those distant from God. An attitude such as this will describe God … Continue reading Nudging A Group’s Culture

Simple. Important.

With a crackle of the speaker, you hear the words, "may I take your order." Suddenly, your mind goes blank. Have you ever experienced a momentarily lapse in memory? You knew your spouse's lunch order, and then amnesia strikes. Have you experienced this before? As a leader, have you had this moment when leading? I … Continue reading Simple. Important.

When Leaders Get It Wrong: Part 4

Celebration! Yes, you read that correctly. When we, as leaders, or as teams have experienced failure, the last thing on our mind is celebrating. Joy, laughter, and affirmation may not even appear on our radar in the hours, days, or weeks following our frustrating experience. Those these things may not seem important in the shadow … Continue reading When Leaders Get It Wrong: Part 4

When Leaders Get It Wrong: Part 3

In the movie, I, Robot, Detective Spooner is called to investigate an apparent suicide. The scene unfolds, of course in the lobby of a major robotics company. As expected, the company wants to avoid bad press while Spooner intends to find the truth. In this pivotal scene of the movie, the now-deceased individual has left … Continue reading When Leaders Get It Wrong: Part 3