Plop…Yogurt Across Her Forehead! (part 1)

Plop! As my daughter lifted her face I could see a big streak of yogurt across her forehead and running into her hair.  I instantly broke out in laughter and she, well, she didn’t find it quite so funny. My daughter began breaking out in tears and I ran into the kitchen to grab paper towels.  Making my way back into the living room I began to wonder what happened?  How did I put a spoon full of yogurt onto my daughter’s forehead?  Then I remembered the moment in vivid slow motion.  I had not actually tried to give her the yogurt.  I took the spoon out of the yogurt, looked at the television and as I turned back to face her I ever so slightly moved the spoon upwards- combine this with her movement towards the previous location of the spoon and plop! (or splat if you prefer).

I was not ready to give her the yogurt but she was more than ready and leaned in for the kill.  I do not blame her, I mean who doesn’t want strawberry yogurt? Let me ask it a different way- who doesn’t want that raise?  Who doesn’t want that new job? Who doesn’t want that iPad? Who doesn’t want to be famous? Who doesn’t want that beautiful house? Who doesn’t want that car? I tell you what, how about you fill in the blank with that thing you’ve wanted so badly: who doesn’t want that _________________? I say “thing” but the thing that you want may not actually be a thing at all. You may be desiring more money, a wife or husband, a child, a new car, better home or job, less credit card debt, vacation, less stress and the list could go on and on.  So many times there is something that we want and I believe that at times we move to quickly.  I myself have been guilty of this and I am a recovering too-quick-too-act and I-want-it-now addict.

A few days ago I wrote a post about my wife’s blog and how she is helping us to be faithful with what God has given us.  Her blog focuses on being faithful with money- I think the little adventure Chelsea and I had brings to light another area that we need to be faithful and that is with our time.  When I say time I mean two things, I mean that we must manage our time well and second  that we should learn to thrive in the current moment.  In Matthew 24:45-51, Jesus tells a parable about a faithful slave and an unfaithful slave.  In this parable the master in the story puts a slave in charge of his household and tells the slave to give the other slaves their allowance of food at the proper times.  The master is commanding the slave to manage time and resources well.  My wife’s blog covers resources but we are talking about time so that is where we will focus.  Jesus then goes on to say that when the master returns the servant will be judged. If the servant was faithful with time and resources then the master would give more, but if the servant was not faithful then they would be “cut” up and put “where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Matt. 24:51).  Jesus is calling us through this parable to be faithful with time and resources and then he will give us more.

Do you see the idea of managing our time well and thriving in the current moment?  If we can learn to accept where we currently are by managing what we have been given and working hard then God will bless us with more.  I should say that the more doesn’t necessarily mean more stuff- it could be a husband or wife, children, a home, a family, a passion, a vision, a new job, etc.  What I see in the adventure Chelsea and I shared was that we need to learn to be faithful with where we are and we should not lean in to get the yogurt too early, it is up to God to give to us when He is ready. So, may you thrive in the moment- trusting and believing in Jesus, that if you are faithful He will be faithful to you.

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