Reading The Bible All The Way

I am not sure about you but I have never actually focused my reading of the Bible.  Wait, you’re a youth pastor and are attending seminary- haven’t you focused your Bible reading?  The answer is really yes and no.  I have read all of the Bible and I have spent a lot of time interpreting the Bible.  I have not read the entire Bible in any sort of order within a certain time frame.  To change this fact, my wife and I have decided to read the Bible in chronological order within a year.  We are doing this so that we can focus our eyes on Christ and truly gain a more complete and full perspective of the Bible.  We are currently on day 9 and are just over 2% complete.  Our readings are currently in Job, as we are reading the text in the order that it was supposed to have happened.

I would highly suggests that you focus your reading of the Bible.  Doing so will help you develop your knowledge of the Bible while also forcing you to read Scripture that you may not usually read.  I have found that God can truly speak when you read verses that you may not normally read.  If you would like to begin a Bible reading plan then I would highly recommend the “You Version” plans.  They have several different plans, Bible translations and they also have a free mobile app so that you can read when you are not at home.  You can check out their website by clicking here.  May God bless your reading!

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