Unity and Diversity

Below is a stunning video of a man’s journey through 17 countries over the course of a year.  As I was watching the images flash in front of me, I couldn’t help but to reflect on the intricacies, diversity and similarities of creation, people and God.  Everywhere this man filmed seemed to be vastly different in its setting.  In one scene you see water running down cliffs and the next scene shows camels marching through a desert.  Despite what seems to be vastly different settings- we see stunning similarities.  For instance, both the settings we discussed share in abundance.  One setting has an abundance of water while the other has an abundance of sand.  Both settings share the same sun, moon and air.  Both settings have been traveled by man.  Both settings have life, no matter has sparse.

You see, we all share in both our unique diversity and our unique sameness.  Whether we are talking about environments such as rivers or deserts, or people, we can be certain of this- everything is tied in unity through the Creator.  When I have moved to different areas and subsequently began ministering in those areas, I have constantly worried about whether I could relate to the people.  Especially when these moves were to an entirely different state.  Moving from Ohio to Florida I asked myself the rather silly question of, how is a person who has only been to the beach a few times going to relate to people have unlimited access to the beach?  Sounds silly, right?  My perspective brings out the fundamental truth that I think this video portrays- all humans, despite outward differences (including geographical differences) are basically the same.  We are all children of God who, whether we realize it or not, are dependent upon Jesus for salvation.  The diversity we see reflects the beautifully diverse sides of God and the similarities reflect His unity (or oneness).

May you always approach others with confidence- knowing and believing that not matter how diverse appearances are, our commonality is found within the unity of our Father.  Therefore go into the world knowing that we can always find common ground.

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