No Blogging…Just Resting

Recently my family and I went on a fun-filled vacation that proved to be uplifting, encouraging and relaxing.  The vacation was a huge blessing to all of us.  We were able to take our two-year-old daughter to Disney World.  Now, I know what you are thinking- how can a vacation to Disney World which is packed full of people be an uplifting, encouraging and relaxing vacation?  The truth is that it was uplifting and encouraging because of both presence and absence.

How many times have you been with your family while also thinking about work, school or general concerns of life?  I have often been guilty of thinking about work or school while I was with my family.  The consistent failure to remove myself completely from work or school leads to exhaustion.  I become so tired because I am never actually getting to rest.  Therefore, the vacation was relaxing because I was able to think very little, if at all, about work and school.  Relaxing because of the absence of school and work.

Our vacation was also uplifting, encouraging and relaxing because of presence.  I was able to spend a week with my wife and daughter.  Not only was I able to physically be with my family, but because of the absence of school and work, I was also able to be with my family mentally and emotionally.  I was actually, in all capacities, with my family.  When was the last time you were actually, in all ways, present with your loved ones?  I was able to find a refreshing trip with my family in the midst of people, heat, lines and sore feet- for that I am thankful.


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