If you haven’t heard, the picture above was our way of announcing our next family member.  My wife and I are expecting our new blessing in early November.  We are extremely excited and our daughter has no idea what this means for her.  At this point she only knows that her brother or sister is located in her mommy’s belly.  I wonder, how will our oldest react to a younger sibling- I guess time will tell.  She is very concerned for other people so I suspect she will be a great big sister.

In addition to the change of a family of three to a future family of four, I have also changed programs of study at school.  Up to this point I have been in the Master of Divinity program at Asbury Theological Seminary.  In the United Methodist Church, an M.Div. is required to be a pastor and so I was pursuing this degree.  Once I began to gain a more complete understanding of God’s call on my life, I realized that being a pastor or Elder in the UMC is not the path that I should pursue.  Sometime down the road I plan to post in more detail what God’s call is and how to discern what God’s call is on your life.  After realizing what God’s call for me was, my wife and I began to weigh out the financial cost of an M.Div. verses the cost of a Master of Arts in Christian Education.  The MACE is a third cheaper than the M.Div. and will allow me to pursue the ministries for which God is calling me.  In addition to being cheaper, I will also be completing my degree a year to two years sooner.  I am expecting to graduate at the end of the summer in 2013.

On a side note, Asbury is not offering any of my required classes on the Wilmore campus next fall and very few of them this summer.  Most are being offered in Orlando, FL or online.  This development is a little frustrating since we moved to Kentucky so that I could take classes in person.  All said and done- I feel very blessed!

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