The Long Walk

My family and I love amusement and theme parks: the environment that is created by the artist, designers and architects who designed the park; the smells of pavement under the hot sun mixed with aroma from a nearby food vendor; the occasional screams of people who are currently experiencing adrenaline rushes spurred by their sudden drop on their favorite coaster all collaborate together creating a day filled with fun and excitement. Throughout a fun-filled day at the park we barely notice how much we have been walking nor do we notice the tiredness that overcomes our bodies.

Most parks have some way to conclude the day and this is usually some form of fireworks, music or some combination of the two. I suspect this is like the grand hurrah- a way to help the patrons remember the incredible day they have had in some attempt to make them want to come again. Shortly after these fireworks are over and my excitement is subsiding is when I begin to feel exhausted. I slowly begin to feel pain from the day’s sunburn, my muscles have very little energy and my feet ache with every step I take. As I step out of the park, usually I am giving my daughter a piggy-back ride by this point, I notice the car appears to be miles away. What seemed like a great parking spot when we arrived no longer feels that way. Do you know the feeling? I love amusement parks and theme parks but I dread the long walk to the car.

There are times in my life where that long walk to the car reflects perfectly the state of my walk with God. I am thoroughly glad that I have given my life to Him, much like I am glad that I was at the park for the day, but oh the long walk can be so difficult. Some might see these times in one’s life as desert walks, isn’t it interesting that I picture them as an end of a long day parking lot walk?  In these walks you’re tired, thirsty, exhausted and you dread each step. It’s during those walks that I cry out, O Lord, refresh my soul! Inspire, intrigue and enchant me, O Lord!  Have you experienced these walks?  Are you experiencing one now?  If so, as we walk patiently awaiting the Lord’s renewal, join me in reading Psalm 63:1-8 and may our steps be refreshed and reinvigorated!

God! My God! It’s you I search for!
My whole being thirsts for you!
My body desires you in a dry and tired land, no water anywhere.
Yes, I’ve seen you in the sanctuary;
I’ve seen your power and glory.
My lips praise you because your faithful love is better than life itself!
So I will bless you as long as I’m alive;
I will lift up my hands in your name.

I’m fully satisfied as with a rich dinner.
My mouth speaks praise with joy on my lips-
whenever I ponder you on my bed,
whenever I meditate on you in the middle of the night-
because you’ve been a help to me and I shout for joy in the protection of your wings.
My whole being clings to you; your strong hand upholds me.

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