Hello friends.  You may have heard of the tragedy that struck an elementary school in Connecticut yesterday. Like you are probably feeling, I am full of many emotions. First and foremost I am heart broken. As we mourn the tragedy that has struck these families, may we lift them up in our prayers. Sometimes knowing how to pray can be so very difficult, especially in times like these. Below is a prayer that I hope you pray and reflect on. Take your time and absorb the words deep in your heart and soul as you express them to our gracious Father who feels our deepest pains.

LORD GOD, we don’t know how to pray.
This immense disaster feels overwhelming.
We can only imagine how the victims feel,
and we are so many miles away that we feel helpless.
Surround those directly involved with your loving presence.
Comfort the dead and injured.
Help all of us to remember that your love
is bigger and stronger than despair and destruction.
Guide and strengthen us to reach out to those affected in ways that will bring healing.
Give them and us a sense of your peace and hope.
In the name of Jesus, our friend and healer. Amen.

Prayer from Prayer of Life’s Ordinary and Extraordinary Moments edited by Mary Lou Redding.

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