Coffee Cake & Soul Painting

I am currently sitting at a local coffee shop, enjoying my favorite coffee and eating a great piece of coffee cake. The coffee smells great and is really what I needed; however, it is the coffee cake that at this moment speaks most heavily to my soul. The cake is moist and packs loads of bursting flavor. On the outside it looks like an ordinary cake but when you bite into it your mouth is suddenly overwhelmed by the berries that provide sweet flavor and moisture. I recently finished my last bite and I find myself desiring more.

Somehow, at the risk of being perceived as a weird sort of call to eat people of which this post is not, I think that’s what God intended for us. We are to be a people who leave others wanting more.

Many of us, although we have some uniqueness in our appearance, typically look the same. We wake up, get dressed, go to school or work, go to the gym (you are a better person than me if the gym is within your routine), go home and do it all over again. Most of us have some sort of routine. We may even look the same as Christians. We worship on Sunday, maybe go to a Bible study or small group, faithfully give our offerings, sometimes we volunteer, we offer to pray for people and on an occasion we read our Bible or pray consistently. On the outside we look pretty normal.

The inside though, our soul, is that secret painting that we are painting within our lives. It’s full of interest, intrigue, pain, joy, suffering, goals, hurts, desires and whatever else we only want to show a select few people. The picture we paint deep within our soul leaves us either dry and barren or full of life.

What am I painting on the inside? Am I allowing the greatest artist of all time within my soul? In many ways, if we allow Him, this is what Christ does. If our soul is longing to reach out to Him, if our soul spends time within His presence then He begins to paint a beautiful picture within us. The picture He paints adds life and vitality to your very being.

Others know this. They sense this. If your soul is being painted by the Master painter then others quickly pickup on His presence within you. Are others sensing this about you?

Is your soul dry and barren? If so, how are you going to fix it?

May you lean your soul ever closer into Christ in the coming days and weeks- you’ll know it and so will others.

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