You Went 0-11?!?

We went an incredible 0-11! Last fall I “coached” a softball team. I have started my coaching career with a perfect record. So many people might look at that record and say, “what a perfect failure.” Oh, how I disagree.

An hour ago a gentleman, more than double my age, walked into my office. Yes, you heard that right. A man who is far over 60 years of age entered the doors of a youth pastor’s office. If it hadn’t been for that “perfect failure,” I would not get the honor to speak with him. Speak with him about life, baseball, church and God.

Last night, I had the opportunity to ask an individual to volunteer in the youth ministry and if they would consider serving in Costa Rica with our team. If it wasn’t for that “perfect failure,” neither of these two questions could be asked.

Because of this “perfect failure,” at least 5 people can now say they have caught a softball in their glove and swung a softball bat during a game. Sharing the great game of softball with people who have never played before is most certainly a perfect experience.

My first year as a coach goes down as far from a “perfect failure” and more as a perfect mess that I’m proud to have experienced.

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