Rain, Please Rain

It’s hot where I am. No, I mean unbearably hot. The moment you walk out the door, a wall of heat overwhelms you. Some days the afternoon showers bring refreshment and relief from the heat and humidity.

The reality for you and I is this: we are constantly being showered with God’s grace. Whether we want to accept God’s love or not is inconsequential. The very life you have, is an act of grace. The breathe you breath is because God first breathed life into you.

Are you currently facing heat? Heat and humidity so strong that you’re not sure you can last much longer? The day is long and hot- you’re desperate for the relief of afternoon showers.

You my friend, need only look up. Open your eyes. See the rain of God’s grace that is already pouring down upon you. Open your palms, let your heart be willing and see the life, the opportunity, the movements, the time you have been given. God’s love is pouring down upon you in your hot day…now, will you reach out your hands and receive the rain or will you hide and pretend it isn’t there?

Participating in God’s Kingdom gives us fresh eyes to love and appreciate the rain. To splash around in the pools of God’s love that he leaves everywhere around us. Today, my friend, participate in the Kingdom and don’t be afraid to allow yourself the freedom of getting drenched in the rain of God’s love that surrounds you.

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