Wrestling With Decisions

What do you want to eat for dinner tonight? I do not know. What do you want?

Have you ever had that conversation before? My family and I have that conversation often. I think all of us have our own ways of making decisions. Regardless of these various methods, making a decision is still a challenge.

Recently I completed a master’s degree. Since this completion I have received many questions. What is next? Will you be leaving us? First let me say that the completion of this degree does not indicate any major life changes forthcoming. It does bring to mind the question that I have been wrestling with for months. Do I step forward into a doctoral program?

I have seen a recurring theme throughout my life. When I am uncertain about a decision, I continually wrestle with the question. There was a time that I was not sure if I needed to complete an undergraduate degree. I kept wrestling with the question until I finally decided, yes I need a bachelor’s degree. There was a long period of time that I wrestled with the idea of ordination. I have since decided, because it just wouldn’t go away, that I needed to complete the ordination process. The same was true with my master’s degree. I had some time to put it off, but it kept nagging at my heart and mind. I may have also had a little push from my wife, thanks Ashley!

A doctoral degree is not likely to increase my pay. It may or may not give me extra opportunities to reach out into the community and to fellow ministers. I can find no tangible reason, other than becoming a better leader, to move into a doctoral program. On the surface the answer is no. I should not move further in education. Despite the lack of tangible, there is a nagging sense that maybe I should continue. It will not leave my thoughts. Maybe this is how I am supposed to make decisions.

At this time I do not have an answer. It may be that the constant reminder of further education is an answer. It may be that I see the opportunity as a blessing, that if not taken, is squandered. Regardless, I wonder how you make decisions? Could the constant barrage of reminders about a decision be the work of the Holy Spirit in your life? 

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