About Brian

Youth ministry is important. It matters. And healthy leadership in youth ministry is my passion.

I know that youth ministry can be difficult. There are unique challenges that you face, and they only seem to be getting more complex with each passing year. You are not alone. I have experienced first hand many of the struggles you may be facing. There is hope.

For this reason, everything you read on this blog, receive in my e-mails, or through coaching via my work at the Youth Ministry Institute is designed to make you a stronger and healthier leader in your ministry.

In 2004 I began in youth ministry, learning through trial and error and by reading this book during my lunch breaks. Since that time, I have served in a variety of contexts. I have received degrees in Transformational Christian Ministry and a Master of Ministry with a focus on organizational culture, team-based leadership, change, conflict, and peace-making from Warner University. In addition to my studies at Warner, I spent time studying Christian Education through Asbury Theological Seminary.

Ways I Can Be A Help To You

My blog.
Making Sense of Ministry Podcast
Coaching and training with the Youth Ministry Institute.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me. Now, let’s get started talking about this beautiful thing we call youth ministry.


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