Your fall semester is about to begin, and you spend hours prepping for a massive back to school bash. You rent the tallest rock wall, knockerball, and inflatables. You purchase expensive prizes and enough food to feed three high schools. The band is ready, and you book an engaging speaker. After all, you want to... Continue Reading →

Nudging A Group’s Culture: Part 2

Last week we began by recognizing that the culture of a student ministry can determine its future trajectory, the group's influence on the community, and gives people a taste of Jesus. Also, we discussed the importance of creating a Ministry Culture document and how it will help you learn about your group's current dynamics. (Click... Continue Reading →

When Leaders Get It Wrong: Part 4

Celebration! Yes, you read that correctly. When we, as leaders, or as teams have experienced failure, the last thing on our mind is celebrating. Joy, laughter, and affirmation may not even appear on our radar in the hours, days, or weeks following our frustrating experience. Those these things may not seem important in the shadow... Continue Reading →

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