The Order Of Your Words

A little food for thought today…

What does it mean to be American?
What does it mean to be Christian?

Better yet, what does it mean to be a Christian and American?
And what order do you place these words- Christian American or American Christian?

What would the way you live your life suggest about how you order the words?

Are you happy with how your life has ordered those words?
How about God- what do you believe He feels about your ordering of the two words?

Not Easily Seen

It’s not easily seen. In fact, it is never really seen. If we look closely we might see brief reminders or hints of its existence yet its physical presence remains elusive.

Wouldn’t you agree that this is true of what is most important in your life. We’re so easily entrapped into elevating the importance of physical objects that we can view and touch, perhaps because they scream for our attention simply by their physical presence. If you and I were to write the top three or four things that are important to us, I bet the amount of visible objects we list would be minimal. For instance, I wouldn’t write that my wife is important to me rather I would write the love that my wife and I share is important. Without love, my wife would just be an amazing woman who I know- the unseen love we share is what makes her important to me. The kiss that my wife gives me each day is a subtle reminder or brief hint of our love.

The same is true of my belief in God, whom I’ve never seen. At this moment, I do not see Him but I have an overwhelming sense that I am surrounded with His presence. Jesus even said to Thomas, “Happy are those who don’t see and yet believe” (John 20:29 CEB).

Today, what is most important to you? Is it physical in presence or is it unseen? How would your world be different without them?

Why Can’t We Walk Straight?

I found this video to be intriguing.  This video presents an idea that without a fixed point a person cannot walk straight.  I especially found the bit about a man driving in a car blindfolded rather funny- I hope there were no stray cows in the field.  Walking and driving in circles brings to mind Proverbs 26.11 which says: “As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.”  How many times have we found ourselves walking in circles or eating our own vomit?

In all seriousness the fact that we need a fixed point to help us continue walking a straight path is significant.  I believe it shows us one of the key reasons why Jesus needed to be human.  His life serves as the fixed point we need to discover what God intends for our life.

I believe that Paul understood this when he said: “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ” (I Corinthians 11.1).  Paul helps others follow the life that Christ exemplified by asking them to follow him.  Who do you follow?  Is there a Paul in your life that helps you live the life that God desires?  Do you need to be a Paul to someone you know?